Jim and Maria on the Laidback Bike Report!

March 28, 2016/ Lucia Parker

Mark your calendars for April’s Laidback Bike Report on Sunday April 3, 2016 at 7 p.m. ET. Jim and Maria Parker will be streaming live with the show’s host Gary Solomon. They’ll talk Cruzbike, racing and the ongoing impact of 3000 Miles to a Cure.

Watch the show live on YouTube or add it to your calendar from the event page on Google+.

Here’s what the show’s host Gary Solomon has to say about the upcoming episode:

In what was called “One of the greatest rides in Race Across America history”, Maria Parker overcame the kind of adversity that would have stopped most all of us. After having her follow vehicle and backup bikes destroyed in a rear end collision and crew members injured including her son she pulled out of the race. She was in this competition to raise money for brain cancer research a cause she created after her sister was stricken with the disease. With the suffering of these people in mind she determined that she had to continue and finish the ride. Twenty four hours later she was back on her bike and heading east. We’ll talk with Maria about the remainder of this race and how it affects her today.
Cruzbike was founded by Jim Parker and John Tolhurst in 2005 creating the largest and most widely known MBB/FWD bike in the world. Today Jim is the Director and Maria is the CEO of this innovative company. We’ll chat about the whole front wheel drive/moving bottom bracket design and about racing these bikes around the world.

See you Sunday!

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