New recumbent road bike accessories roundup - August 2019

In the last few months we’ve introduced some new accessories that we think will take your Cruzbike enjoyment up another notch.

New recumbent road bike accessories - August 2019

1. Cruzbike Voile Nylon Brake Strap Parking Aid

Our most recent addition is the Cruzbike Voile Nylon Brake Strap. One of the challenges of parking a Cruzbike without a kickstand is the tendency for the front wheel to turn and roll, causing the bike to fall near the convenience store you were stopping in for your chocolate milk. We have learned to park our bikes carefully to avoid this. Now, thanks to Robert’s hours of experimenting, along with helpful input from customers who have come up with their own brake straps and shared them with us, we have found the perfect solution. The Cruzbike Voile Nylon Brake Strap can be quickly deployed around the frame and front wheel allowing you to park your Cruzbike anywhere with confidence, even against a tree! In this video, Robert shows off some of the ways this little strap delivers.

2. Xlab Bike Shuttle Storage Stand for easy garage management

Our second new accessory is the Xlab Bike Shuttle Storage Stand brought to us by customer David Wall. He shared his Xlab stand at the Ride Retreat at White Lake and we loved it. The advantage to the new rack is the little wheels that allow you to roll your bike around your garage or workshop without taking it out of the stand. We still like the RAKK Bicycle Storage Stand for its sturdiness, especially for assembly and working on the bike, but the Xlab Stand is very small and light and really handy when you have to move your bike around a lot. It will help you stay organized when you buy your second (and third) Cruzbike, and may keep your significant other happier giving you the ability to quickly and easily move the bike out from in front of the trash cans.

3. Foam wedge for S40 seat angle adjustment

The Foam Wedge Seat Insert was designed to be used on the seat of the S40. It kicks the shoulders forward a bit putting the rider’s head in a more upright position. We find this is really helpful in learning to ride the S40 and in using the S40 around town where you might want to be slightly more upright for stops, starts and quick maneuvering. We’re always working to make the Cruzbike experience even more joyful. If you have additional ideas for accessories you’d like to see us carry, please email me at

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  • Dan Gibson

    I was wondering if the wedge could be used on other bikes that would have the same seat style.

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