New UMCA 12-hour and 200 mile records are official

October 9, 2011/ Jim Parker

When: October 8, 2011
Where: 20-mile public road loop course near White Oak, NC
What: Maria Parker road 12-hours solo on her Cruzbike Vendetta, offical distance 250.365 miles, certified by the UMCA.

Many thanks to the crew, UMCA judges, and supporters cheering for Maria. Maria passed the 200 mile mark at 9:27:10, surpassing her 2009 UMCA record mark set on the Cruzbike SIlvio. This new record is alsocertified by the UMCA.

Her Garmin data can be viewed here:

She averaged 20.86 mph for 12 hours.





aIMG_8026 (1)


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