On the road again!

August 20, 2014/ Maria Parker

It’s been two months since my sister Jenny died. I am so grateful to the Cruzbike community for your support, friendship and words of condolence. It has meant so much to me during a difficult time.

I’m spending a lot more time in Lumberton these days and I’m enjoying time on the bike once more. I still think of my riding as a tool for fundraising for brain cancer research, but there is a lot less grim focus and a lot more pleasure in it.

The charity that we founded for raising money for brain cancer research, 3000 Miles to A Cure, is doing well and we are raising money everyday to bring us closer to a cure. If you haven’t already seen it, check out the movie, Hope. It’s about my 2013 Race Across America on the V and also about Jenny and what hope means.

Google in it’s program, giving through glass, awarded 3000 Miles to a Cure a pair of Google Glass and some money to use the Glass to help us fundraise with our cycling events. I’ve been having fun training with them taking videos and pictures easily while I ride without having to take my hands off the handlebars. The picture is me during a training ride, I’m wearing the Google Glass during a bathroom break.

Jim and I have been training for the Texas Tejas Time Trials. I plan to do the Tejas 500 and Jim the 26 mile sprint. If all goes well, I’ll be wearing Google Glass and uploading videos and pictures of my experience. Hopefully I’ll remember not to cuss.

This morning while out on a training ride with a friend, I was again grateful for the gift it is to ride a bike. The sky was just starting to get light and we were both working hard. I hope I never take it for granted.

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