Owner Report: "How I accelerated the Cruzbike learning curve"

Chris Zimmerman is a new member of the Cruzbike Community in Illinois. He shared his tips for accelerating the Cruzbike learning curve in an email to the team and we had to share them! These tips compliment the Learning to Ride steps found here and in our Cruzbike Romance Guide. Thanks so much to Chris for sharing these. Enjoy!

Greetings to the Cruzbike Crew!

I am a new rider that finished the 100 mile test ride in less than 72 hours. Within the first two months, I had completed 50, 75, and 100 mile rides. Since June 2020, I have logged more than 2,500 miles on my red Cruzbike S40. I’m no super athlete, it’s so much fun to ride I just keep pedaling.

How I accelerated the Cruzbike learning curve:

Stage 1 - Caveman

Just like your first ride as a kid, have a friend walk/jog next to you and hold the bike steady. Take turns learning to balance the Cruzbike. My training partner was my 14 year old son. The buddy system was faster than solo kickstart practicing.

Stage 2 - Wobbles

It’s all about cadence. Unlike your diamond frame ride where you want a faster cadence, use a slower steady cadence to learn handlebar steering pressure. Learn to start from a standing stop with a couple of steps for momentum and a “big banana slide” into the riding position, (yes, sometimes I say “weeee” as I slide down the seat), feet on pedals and go. Learn to stop with feet down and ready, brake to a “pop up” stance. Stop signs are no longer your enemy

Stage 3 - "Death" grip

Use the air pistol grip. Your first two fingers extend onto the brakes with thumb/ring/pinky on handle bar. You can’t over squeeze with this grip. Using the method during the ride will break your death grip habit, help you relax, and build confidence in your steering pressure.

Stage 4 - Long Solo Rides

Quiet your mind, ditch the Garmin at first and cycle at a pace of comfort. Speed will come as the new leg muscles develop. After one month of pacing I installed my Garmin and to my total surprise and delight, I was faster than on my Trek Domane. Start to imagine adventure cycling on your Cruzbike. For fun... add lights with the awesome front mount so you can still ride the bike path after dark. Why rush home?

Cruzbike S40 performance recumbent road bike

Stage 5 - Evangelist

Keep a picture of your Cruzbike on your phone to share with friends... or just to look at when you’re apart. Practice your response for when people yell “cool bike!” Dream up new bike mounts and accessories for your Cruzbike. Buy a Cruzbike kit! Join the Cruzbike Community! Be an ambassador.

It’s now late fall and the S40 and I have moved inside... onto a Wahoo Kicker and Zwift. Although no Cruzbike frames are available on Zwift yet (that would be hot!), if I change the camera view I almost forget Zwift thinks I am on a diamond frame. Ride On!

Cruzbike S40 performance recumbent road bike


  • Mark Hinds

    Just got my new S40 last week and put it together last Sunday. The assembly and adjustment videos were very good. The first ride was tough. I couldn’t pedal it! But the next day, I rode down my street and managed to pedal it as I coasted. I then turned around and pedaled the gentle slope back home. Today I rode all around my neighborhood, laughing intermittently. It was a blast! Hopefully I’ll be able to get out on the open road in the near future. I think I have made a fantastic purchase! And thanks for the tips!

  • Alan

    Hi, I am the proud owner of one of the 1st 200 Silvios, and my journey has started well.
    After 1 week ownership , I have topple over in front of a full Cafe situated in my local football stadiums carpark,
    embarrassed myseIf many, many times in front of young and old.
    I have found the hints and tips priceless and completed a 25mile round trip today!
    OK, it wasn’t blisteringly fast but was extremely satisfying.
    So many Thanks to everyone who has helped me with their posts.
    Keep on CRUZIN!

  • Roger Cox

    I am a new S40 owner. My first ride was last Saturday in a local park. Lots of Fred Flinstones and one foot up coasting. Second ride was last night at the park. Both feet up and pedaling! Stopping is easy. Starting, well it needs more practice. Bike fell on top of me once, but got back on and remembered to put both feet on the pedals at the same time after pushing off. More riding this coming weekend!

  • Indiana Dave

    I’m a new V20 owner.
    LONG time cyclist.
    My first 20 v20 rides are coasting 20 yards.
    I cannot lay back even on the coast.
    Tried pedaling twice … disaster. No crash but really close.
    OTOH … I’m having FUN learning how to become a “CRUZER” …
    Stay Tuned

  • Dean Kinkel

    Good advice that I am going to give it a go, especially about the death grip.

  • Albert

    I just bought a used Sofrider. Yes, the idea of training wheels does sound good! I have a very gentle slope on my street. No traffic. That is my place to learn. Got the general idea down. Just have to have the mind and body realize it.

  • Albert

    I bought a used Sofrider three days ago. I found out that my ‘learning curve’ was made worse by me doing the ‘duck walk’ instead of the ‘Fred Flintstone’. Lesson learned. 😎😎

  • Shahrom

    Inspiring! Yet to own one, but have been planning a purchase. Soon hopefully.

  • Phil Mickey

    Interesting! Thanks for sharing your insight.👍

  • Sumitpreechar

    I’m still waiting for the price to drop? I just loved the whole concept, I have been cycling now for over fourty years and I am not getting any younger, I believe this will answer my questions and answers.

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