Owner Story: Rudy's inspiring self-transformation

We frequently hear wonderful stories about how Cruzbike has brought joy back into cycling for new owners. But Rudy's experience is particularly inspiring. Read on for his journey of self-transformation and renewed commitment to living a full, healthy life.

I'm a disabled Veteran, having sustained injuries during a rescue mission. Last year, I was told that my health was declining fast, because of the weight I had gained after my accident. I was diagnosed type 2 diabetic, was over 300lbs, had fatty liver, high cholesterol, blood pressure, etc. I was told that if I didn't lose the weight quickly and change my diet, I would likely only live another 3 to 5 years. I made the decision to change my life for my family. I've never been a big cyclist, but enjoyed cycling some. I can't ride a regular diamond frame bike, because the shock leaves my back hurting and legs numb, so I'm limited to riding recumbent bikes/trikes.

I started riding a used Bacchetta Corsa last year in May. I was lucky to ride 10 miles at about 10 mph average speed. I started eating a low carbohydrate diet, trying to stay at about 20 grams of carbohydrates per day. I pushed myself and gradually became stronger and faster. As motivation, I signed up to do an MS 150 ride, with the Century ride on the 1st day and the metric century on the second.

One day, I was huffing and puffing to get to the top of a hill in the Texas Hill Country (I'm in the San Antonio area). I look over and there's a young lady riding a Cruzbike S40 coming up the hill. She looked like she wasn't even trying and I felt like I was dying... She chatted as I was trying to breathe and then zoom, she was off like a dart! Passing not only me, but a bunch of DF riders! At the end of the ride, I sought her out and asked what kind of bike she was riding. She told me it was a Cruzbike and offered to let me ride it... I politely declined (I didn't want to fall over and mess her beautiful bike up), but secretly wanted to try it...

I looked on the recumbent boards and learned that there are people who love Cruzbike and others who say they're a gimmick. I had to find out for myself. I looked for a pre-owned one that I could try to determine if it was indeed the best thing since sliced bread or if it was a gimmick. I finally found a Silvio 2.0 in Oregon and had it shipped to me. I followed the instructions for new riders on the Cruzbike forum and took to the parking lot. I entertained my wife to no end, doing the Fred Flintstone, Spread Eagle, etc... Then I went out on the road...

It was kind of difficult at first, but after a couple weeks, I was faster, more comfortable and knew I wanted a Vendetta eventually.

I did a bunch of Metric Centuries last year and a full century! I achieved the goal I had set out at the beginning of the year and lost 80lbs by the end of the year!

My health improved drastically, No more diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. I'm leaner and feel so much healthier!

So fast forward to a few months ago and I found a pre-owned V2 frameset (yup, the yellow one) that had never been built! I made the purchase and swapped over all my components from the Silvio 2.0...

My speed has increased to about 22 mph average. I ride with mostly roadies and am among the fastest riders in the groups. I've lost a total of 105lbs since I started riding and love my new to me Vendetta!

Rudy's new to him Cruzbike Vendetta

Cruzbike Vendetta fastest recumbent road bike

Rudy and his Cruzbike Vendetta fastest recumbent road bike

Why am I telling you this (especially the personal stuff)? Because your company has changed my life for the better. I used to struggle with my limitations, but now, I don't feel like I'm limited. I love getting to go riding with my friends and don't see this ending anytime soon.

My wife is a Breast Cancer survivor (6 years). She had a double Mastectomy, Chemo and Radiation so she could stick around and enjoy her golden years with me, our kids and grandkids. Cruzbike is helping me stay healthy for her and our family too.

Warm regard and God Bless,

Rudy (Rodolfo) Sanchez


  • Laura Brown

    Congrats, Rudy!! What an awesome story. Thanks for doing the Andean Health ride for Team Kalamari, too!

  • A Fellow Disabled Veteran

    Congrats on deciding (while you were still able) to improve your life in some frankly challenging but invaluable ways! I hope you continue to see unexpected benefits from both your riding and optimistic attitude for life!

  • William Wightman

    Rudy, amazing from every angle. Congrats. My wife has saved her life using LCHF. Her BP and glucose/insulin are now below average (ie at healthy) levels. DietDoctor.com is an especially good resource. I would not worry about riding long distances on water only as long as you have been working up to it slowly over two or three months. Nothing good happens suddenly as you are living witness to. I regularly ride in the same speed groups as you down here in Houston on weekends at distances between 65 and 75 miles with only water. If you are lucky like me you will retain your ability to switch quickly between carbs and fat. I’m a carboholic during the week on days when I do not ride but make a point of leaving my stomach empty before any bike rides. I get more power that way and feel better. I am thinking of doing the NOCOM in the Davis Mountains in 2021 but will need some strict LCHF to get to a fighting weight, just like you have already done.

  • NeaL

    I love those older V20s, with the matching boom and the chrome. If I had one I’d want a yellow ’57 Chevy Bel Air as an accessory to the bike.

  • Tom Maughan

    Also in Texas, Round Rock. Rudy that is amazing – losing 105Lbs is amazing, I’m having a hard time just losing 20 lbs. And having a typical speed over 20 is also amazing (I assume on flat ground). Your Vendetta looks wonderful, love the color, and great idea to swap over the components. I have the Silvio 3.0 – I like it but the seat is just a little too high up for me – about 1.5 inches too much – making it awkward to start and stop. I’m thinking a lower seating like the Vendetta would be easier for me to manage starting and stopping. Thank you for sharing your experience it is very inspiring and it’s making me think about possibilities.

  • Rudy

    Good morning all!
    Thank you for the kind words and encouragement!

    I was a bit worried when I started riding that with my low carbohydrate intake, I could be in trouble, then started reading about some endurance athletes (including Maria) who subscribe to low Carb intake. I felt a bit better about it, but was still nervous, because of my diabetes diagnosis. My Dr. advised me against cutting that many carbs while training the way I was, because she thought I was going to have serious problems maintaining that kind of diet and exercise regime.
    I know others (Many other Veterans with disabilities as well) who are in the same boat I was in. Overweight, taking medications for the pain and leading sedentary lifestyles. I hope my story encourages them to start with diet and get off the couch! Get back in life and enjoy the ride…. On a Cruzbike!!!

  • Matthew Kufer

    Awesome job! Keep up the good work!

  • MIke Turner

    Also I live in south Texas only 140 miles south nest Corpus Christi tx.

  • MIke Turner

    I’m curious about your hydration system. Can you send me some information on it? I also have a vendetta. I’ve taken a bad fall while learning to ride it. Twisted my ankle almost broke it I think. 5 months no riding. I’m now back on my trike but haven’t gotten back in the saddle of the vendetta. Going to get back on it after October 11th.

  • Steven

    Awesome! Way to go Rudy

  • Steve Jackson

    Thanks for sharing your story. Hopefully it will take someone with similar issues off the fence to follow in your footsteps. Keep up the good work!

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