Product Spotlight: QX100

April 12, 2016/ Amy Wood

We like to say that the QX100 is the bike for everyone and anyone because it’s a versatile, user-friendly bike that will help you rediscover the joy of cycling. Whether you are new to the world of recumbent bikes or a recumbent veteran, the QX100 wins the most fun per mile award.

The QX100 is designed with the same core technology found on our record-setting performance bicycles. That core front wheel drive, dynamic boom technology allows riders to use upper body and core to climb hills and accelerate from stops, but the QX100’s beefy rear suspension and upright (and adjustable!) seat angle make for an extra smooth ride with a great view.



We loved hearing from Jim Robinson after his recent QX100 order. He said, “The QX100 is actually my third Cruzbike.” He’s expecting it to serve as an occasional commuter and grocery getter. Jim’s Silvio S30 is the bike that won his heart after wrist pain forced him to give up his Cannondale in 2002. “I am very happy with your products and I don’t want to ride anything else, (except for when I am on single track),” Jim wrote.

David Leafgreen is another new QX100 owner who shared his experience with us recently. “It’s such fun to cruise around town and not even worry about speed.” The front wheel drive, dynamic boom design made sense to David. It’s why he chose Cruzbike. He likes that it allows the use of his upper body and makes for better hill climbing. David hopes to add another Cruzbike to his stable (a Silvio S30 or Vendetta V20) to continue to reduce the amount of time he spends driving and replace it with pedaling.


Here are some of the features that make the QX100 one of our most fun, versatile options:


Whether you ride to the farmer’s market or the state park, the QX100 can get you (and everything you need) there and back. The best part is you’ll enjoy the ride.


The QX100 features robust rear suspension to deliver a smooth, comfortable ride. The seat angle is adjustable between 35 and 45 degrees giving you a beautiful, panoramic view, dialed in just the way you like it.


The QX100, constructed with 7005 T6 treated aluminum alloy is designed with strength in mind. Q customers have put thousands upon thousands of miles on their frames. So load it up and pedal to your next adventure.

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We’re also excited to offer the QX100 in three color choices:


Alpine Blue is a beautiful fresh blue for those who love cool, aquatic hues. The metallic finish gives it beautiful depth


For those who prefer a slick, minimalist aesthetic.


Adventure Green is a very limited edition rich earthy green with a metallic finish.


If you have any questions about the QX100 or our other bikes, please reach out to us on our Facebook page or send us an email at We would love the opportunity to answer your questions about Cruzbike!

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