Product Spotlight: Silvio S30

January 26, 2016/ Amy Wood

With its stylish combination of speed, comfort, and high-end road bike components, the Silvio S30 is the touring bike that will get you there faster. Whether “there” is completing a 100 mile joyride, crossing the finish line of your first brevet or reducing your carbon footprint by commuting to work – we are confident the Silvio S30 will help you achieve your goals.


The Silvio S30 was designed with cyclists who have both speed and comfort in mind. A few of its key features are:

Hydroformed Mainframe – The S30’s mainframe is a light, strong and beautifully curved hydroformed aluminum tube. The hydroforming process delivers a frame that has a high stiffness to weight ratio. The result is a stiff frame that is very smooth on the road.

Integrated Carbon Fiber Seat & Adjustable Headrest – The S30’s seat is made of lightweight carbon fiber and fits the frame contour delivering maximum power transfer efficiency. The 28-degree recline angle balances aerodynamics and comfort all with a beautiful view of the road. The washable cushions and adjustable headrest make the S30 very comfortable to relax on at any speed.

Suspension – The S30’s suspension smooths out small bumps on rough roads and takes the edge off chip seal roads. A rubber elastomer delivers rear suspension. Carbon fiber chainstays allow for movement of the suspension system while maintaining lateral stiffness.

Standard Wheelbase – The S30’s wheelbase is comparable to a standard frame, maStandard Wheelbaseking it easy to transport and the perfect commuter. Rack your S30 on the bus right alongside standard frames.

Custom Build with High Performance Component Set – US customers can order the S30 complete, equipped with a component set chosen to deliver the best performance to weight ratio. The best part is that the complete option includes freight and a custom fit build by Robert.

Now you might be thinking “That sounds great, but is the Silvio S30 the bike for me?” With its combination of beauty, performance and comfort, the Silvio S30 is an excellent choice for commuters, tourers, randonneurs and fitness road cyclists. Jim Lipscomb is a Silvio S30 rider who picked the bike for its fast touring abilities.

“I enjoy distance day rides (typically 150 miles, plus or minus) as fast and as far as I can go in daylight. My previous bike got so many flats that I had to allow a time buffer, which cut my distance. The Silvio S30 is halfway between a fast, fragile racer and a slow, bullet-proof touring bike,” explains Jim (pictured below).


For those who crave speed, Jim has some insight on that as well. He has compared his performance riding the Silvio S30 to another recumbent in its class and says, “Cruzbikes seem to be at least 1 mph faster than other racing recumbents, whose long chains have losses in idlers, chain stretch, and frame bend, as if lightly dragging the brakes.” Jim thinks that fact is not well enough known. “Nobody knows, except us Cruzbike riders. For me the ride difference is ohgodohgodohgod.” Check out Arne and Lief’s features on our Rider’s page for more Silvio stories.

If you have any questions about the Silvio S30 or our other bikes, please reach out to us on our Facebook page or send us an email at We would love the opportunity to answer your questions about Cruzbike!

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