Product Spotlight: Vendetta V20

February 21, 2016/ Amy Wood

Records fall to the light powerful Cruzbike Vendetta V20. It is the ultimate in speed and ergonomics on two wheels. In fact, this weekend yet another course record was added to its list of accolades. Kevin Gambill raced his Vendetta V20 273.3 miles in the 2016 Bike Sebring 12-hour event, breaking a course record that stood for ten years [read his race report here]. The V20 has been called the fastest unfaired bicycle on the market. This is a bike that has been crafted for the cyclist who craves the ultimate in performance. Here are some of the features that make it such a beautiful machine:


Photo Credit: Manfred Bader in Vienna, Austria

Hydroformed Mainframe – The V20’s mainframe is a light, strong and beautifully curved hydroformed (HF) aluminum tube. The hydroforming process delivers a frame that has a high stiffness to weight ratio. The result is a stiff frame that is very smooth on the road.

Integrate Carbon Fiber Seat and Adjustable Headrest - The V20’s seat is made of lightweight carbon fiber and fits the frame contour delivering maximum power transfer efficiency. The recline angle is 20 degrees, which puts you in a powerful, aerodynamic position. The adjustable headrest and washable cushions make the V20 very comfortable to ride at any speed.

Chainstay Size Options to Dial in the Perfect Fit – Choose standard or large chainstay size based on your x-seam and preference for foot height. Generally, the large chainstay places a rider’s feet higher which some performance-oriented riders prefer. The height feet are positioned depends upon the rider’s leg length and the chainstay size.

Adjustable Front Boom – The adjustable front boom is stiff and light, allowing for customized positioning of feet and handlebars.

Dynamic boom front wheel drive. Do you see it now? Cruzbike is the road bike recumbent.

Lightweight – The main hydroformed frame of the V20 weighs in at 3.7 lbs, making this one of the lightest recumbents on the market.

High Performance Component Set – The V20 complete is equipped with a component set designed for the cyclist who wants superior performance.

Whether you’re out to set world records, course records or personal records, the V20 will thrill you. “It took me 30 seconds to learn to ride and 30 minutes to do 35 km/h and go uphill in a straight line and it’s a sheer beauty,” Manfred Bader, a new V20 rider in Vienna shared (here’s video proof of his first uphill climb). By the way, he’s also shared a few of the KOMs he’s already grabbed.

We’d love to welcome you to the Cruzbike V20 crew, too. Contact our team today to learn more about sizing options and availability.

If we’ve just whet your appetite for V20 stories, explore some of the latest V20 stuff below, or just give us a call or send us an email.

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Kevin Gambill on his record-setting ride on the Vendetta V20 at the 2016 Bike Sebring 12-hour race.

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