Report: Dr. Wax Learned to ride a Cruzbike 8 years ago

Learning to ride a Cruzbike Vendetta V20 - fastest recumbent road bike

"I must say that to this day, I feel comfortable and exhilarated during and after each ride."

- Dr. Craig Wax
Cruzbike Vendetta Owner since 2012
It's not quick and easy for every new owner to learn to ride a Cruzbike, but it's worth it. Dr. Craig Wax is a physician and health expert who took the leap on a Cruzbike Vendetta frameset 8 years ago. A herniated disc meant he could no longer enjoy long rides on a traditional road bike. Below, he describes his learning experience. It took time. But it was worth it.

"As a family physician, food science expert, and expert in health maintenance and disease prevention, I’ve learned to help others, my first being an example of healthy habits. At 40, I took up cycling on a conventional diamond framed bike.

After my second year of rides and charity cycling, my C-5 disc spontaneously herniated on the right side. My shoulder felt like a toothache that radiated down to the middle of my hand. I couldn’t exercise, I couldn’t sleep, and frequently my attention was diverted.

After three months of medical care, physical therapy, osteopathic manipulation, my condition improved. But I knew that I could no longer do long distance charity rides on a conventional bike. It was 2012, I believe, when all this came to pass.

I searched the Internet for a recumbent option that offered comfort, safety and speed. I found the front wheel drive Cruzbike Vendetta V2. I ordered it and I had a local bike shop put Shimano Ultrgra gears on it. The local bike shop did a great job but didn’t know how to properly fit me for the bike.

I took the bike home and set out at 5 a.m. the next morning to try it out. After several tries, I realized quickly that I was unstable and couldn’t ride my new lifetime investment. I came inside after putting the bike in the garage. I sat down at the computer and wrote an online ad for the "World's fastest unfaired recumbent bike." I came back to bed and my wife asked, "How’s that new bike you waited so long for?" I didn’t have the heart to answer her.

After cooling down, I told myself I would take a month of days to keep trying. After a month I would decide whether or not to keep the bike. Each day I would go out and work on the unique balance and front wheel drive steering. After three weeks days I could comfortably ride 50 miles on it with no neck or back pain. And I felt exhilarated.

I must say that to this day, I feel comfortable and exhilarated during and after each ride. Thank you Cruzbike for making a unique product, that caters to body dynamics, and provides comfort, safety, fun and speed.

Now I post gorgeous sunrise pictures from the comfortable seat of the Cruzbike Vendetta on social media @drcraigwax.
Dr Wax describes his learning experience 8 years ago

Cruzbikes are an incredible concept that you can ride, and enjoy for life!"

We're so grateful to Dr. Wax for sharing his experience and expertise. If your enjoyment of cycling has been limited by saddle, back, neck or wrist pain or injury and you're ready to get back to the good stuff, we're here to help.
- The Cruzbike Team


  • Cruzbike Team

    @Carl Goodson – Yes! This is a great way to make sure your Cruzbike is well-tuned and ready to ride.

  • Carl Goodson

    I’d prefer that the final assembly and tuning be done by a professional. Can I have the bike delivered to the nearest shop (200 miles away) and pay them to set it up?

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