Ride Retreat October 2017: Smiling and Riding in White Lake, NC

February 19, 2017/ Maria Parker

Editor’s Note: The new dates for the 2017 Ride Retreat are 10/12-10/15.

Our save the date was wrong!

Seeing so many friends at the Sebring races in Florida in February was one of the most gratifying experiences we’ve had since we began building Cruzbikes over 10 years ago. Fortunately, I hope to see those friends and many more at the Cruzbike Ride Retreat in October, here in North Carolina. 

Every time we get more than a couple of Cruzbike riders together, my face hurts from smiling so much. Last year’s ride retreat in Portland, OR, was face-splitting-grin wonderful. Three days of riding, eating, laughing and learning together left us high on Cruzbike Joy, and we knew we’d have to repeat it this year. I hope to have every single one of you who attended 2016 and a whole bunch more.

This year’s venue is beautiful, pristine, White Lake, North Carolina. The setting is extremely quiet and rural with hundreds of miles of very quiet (and flat) roads to ride on. We’ll be staying right on the edge of White Lake, famous for it’s clean, clear water and white sandy bottom. We usually have warm weather in October, so bring your swimsuits!

White Lake is one of hundreds of Carolina “bays” all across the east coast, that are shallow, oval shaped depressions, quite visible in satellite pictures. . The prevailing academic theory holds that they were formed by wave and wind action as the Atlantic shoreline receded tens of thousands of years ago.

As you can see from this picture, White lake is just one lake in the area we’ll be exploring with our Cruzbikes.

I’m looking forward to seeing new friends and old! We’ll have plenty of bikes to share for newbies too, so bring family and friends. Unfortunately, we can only accommodate 50, so sign up to reserve your spot soon! You can do that right here.

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