Take the bus

July 2, 2009/ Jim Parker

A frequently overlooked attribute of bicycles is their ability to be carried on a vehicle.  On a recent visit to L.A. and San Francisco, where we did a lot of urban Cruzbiking, we tested out the ability to transport a Cruzbike on the city buses.  For a commuter who wants to combine cycling and a city bus route, this feature is essential.  The standard wheel base and 26 inch wheels make loading and locking the bike into position a snap.  We tested the Sofrider, the Freerider, and the Silvio.  They all are compatible with the city buses of L.A. and San Francisco.  All you need is the rear wheel unencumbered so that the locking bar can fit over the tire.  A rear rack is fine as long as there is clearance around the tire for the locking bar, as you can see here with this Freerider getting a “free ride” in Santa Monica.


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