The Summer of the S30

March 22, 2016/ Lucia Parker

We returned from our recent trip to Taipei, Taiwan re-inspired and re-energized after visits with our wonderful manufacturers and suppliers old and new. Surrounded by the newest, best, most compelling achievements in the bicycle industry, Maria, Robert, Jacob and I challenged ourselves in every conversation to identify obstacles and find solutions, to innovate, and ultimately, to get more people riding Cruzbikes.

We know that if more people ride bikes everyday, the world will be a better place. And we know that our beautiful diamond frame recumbent is a much needed solution for many cyclists, but that not enough people know about it.

One exciting decision we made was to relaunch the Silvio S30 at a new, more accessible price of $2,400 for the frame set and $4,100 for the completely built bike.

We love this bike and think its beautiful, versatile design has the potential to convert more cyclists to Cruzbike. So we’re dubbing this the Summer of the S30. We want to see everybody riding this bike!

The S30 shares the Vendetta V20’s hydroformed main frame, but it is all its own. I love the S30 for its allure and power, for how easy it is to move, lift and rack, for its just-enough suspension, for how easy it is to go fast, for the great view from the cockpit and for all the reasons every Cruzbike is wonderful – extraordinary comfort, powerful, fast climbing and can’t-stop-smiling fun.

I hope this new price will be just what some of our friends who have watched from the wings need to take the plunge and join us in the Cruzbike community. I’m looking forward to seeing you out there.

Order your Silvio S30 today right here on our website. We ship all over the world.


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  • Rich

    I’d like to order a silvio s30 in black

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