Traditional Road Bike vs. Recumbent Bike vs. Cruzbike (Feature Comparison and Photos)

We often describe Cruzbike's patented technology as the best of both worlds. It combines the rigid, efficient drivetrain of traditional road bikes with the ergonomics and aerodynamics of traditional recumbent bikes. The result is a lineup of bikes that is incredibly fast and ridiculously comfortable. And that equals more time on the road for adventure.

Traditional road bike vs. recumbent road bike vs. Cruzbike - feature comparison

The table below details some of the key features of traditional road bikes, fixed-boom recumbents and Cruzbikes. We've also included a photo of each to give you a visual on what we're talking about.

Feature Traditional Bicycles Fixed-boom Recumbents CRUZBIKE
Prevalence of sore back, neck, shoulders, wrists High Low Low
Risk of head and neck injuries in frontal collisions High Low Low
Risk of perineal/saddle area injury in avid cyclists High Low Low
Forward view without craning neck Some Yes Yes
Ergonomic design No Yes Yes
Rider positioned eye-to-eye with motorists/drivers Yes Some Yes
Aerodynamic body position No Yes Yes
Upper body and core engaged for power boost Yes No Yes
Commonly available tires and components Yes Some Yes
Front and rear wheels the same size Yes Some Yes
Fits on standard car racks that hold the hold the bike by the wheels Yes Some Yes
Short, light drivetrain, no idlers Yes No Yes
Reduced chain line noise and grease Yes No Yes
Drive-wheel traction on very steep slippery climbs* Yes Yes No
Legs contribute to steering and stability No No Yes
Hill climbing performance comparable to traditional bike Yes No Yes
Upper body and core engaged for power boost Yes No Yes

* The only disadvantage to FWD is "wheel spin" on steep wet/slippery slopes. But in reality, this is manageable and not a significant factor for the vast majority of riders.

Road bike vs. Recumbent road bike vs. Cruzbike performance recumbent road bike

When you're ready to get rolling, we're here to answer any questions and help you along the way!

- The Cruzbike Team


  • Richard Mulder Jr

    I reside in metropolitan Detroit Michigan! I notice that there are no Cruzbike dealers in the midwest! Will there be any cruzbike dealers in this area anytime soon! I would really like to test ride a cruzbike & purchase one! I currently own a Burley hepcat!

  • Bruce Gordon Davis

    Two questions…
    Does the 24” wheel adversely impact your stability in steering?
    And does it throw you forward in the seat, even if only slightly.
    Thanks, Bruce

  • Andhy

    I changed the front wheel of my 559 Quest to 509 (24"), and the rear to 650 (27.5"), it makes my Quest “nose down” and the wheel slip issue is almost gone, except for very steep hills where I have to “stand up” on lowest gear of my MTB.

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