Watching William fall

December 6, 2011/ Maria Parker

Yesterday I was with Jim in the follow car watching our 16 year old son William cycle 100 miles to attempt to set a recumbent record. As typical parents, Jim and I are extremely proud of Will. We are also typical in that we worry about him and keeping him and our other children safe and healthy into adulthood has been a major concern and goal of our parenting. About 15 miles into his ride, he hit a gravelly patch in the road and lost control of the bike coming around a turn. As I watched the bike swerve and go down I was so grateful that he was on a Cruzbike. The bike slid out and he fell on his side and got a nice set of abrasians, but nothing more serious. After we checked the bike out, he got back on, and continued riding.

I have seen several accidents on bicycles, from the “oh my gosh, I’m not getting clipped out in time” fall, to head over handlebars falls. The body position on the Cruzbike and lower center of gravity seem to lead to much fewer serious injuries, and for that I am grateful. The picture attached to this blog is of Julie from Reading the blog I came across another example of “I would have hurt myself, but I didn’t because I was on a Cruzbike.”

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