We’ll miss you, Valdo

March 2, 2010/ Jim Parker

Everyone in the Cruzbike family mourns the loss of Valdo, the world traveler who was “Pedaling for Peace” on a custom bicycle built with a Cruzbike kit. We received a report that he died peacefully while camping in his tent, in Baja California, Mexico on 24 February. He had ridden thousands of miles since leaving Brazil almost one year ago. We last received an email from Valdo 11 days ago, and he was looking forward to arriving in the U.S. Our condolences go out to all his friends, family, and followers around the world.

Valdecir Joao Vieira, conocido como Valdo, es un sacerdote de 65 años de edad de origen brasileño quien está de visita en Costa Rica desde la tarde del miércoles cuando arribó a Paso Canoas.

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