Week 5: The Importance of Rest Days While Training

July 13, 2016/ Maria Parker

This is week five of a twelve week series to help you train for and successfully complete a century ride. Check out the free 12 Week Couch to Century training plan here.

Hopefully you’re well into your training now and starting to reap the benefits of regular riding. The beauty of having a goal, like riding a century ride, is that it gets you out on the days you’d rather curl up with a good episode of the Vikings and a beer. If you miss too many workouts, your fitness will not build gradually and you’re unlikely to achieve the level of fitness you need to finish a century. On the other hand, slavishly adhering to training even when you are sore or injured is a bad idea. A little soreness is expected and part of training, but a specific sore spot, especially if it’s only on one side means you need a few days off. Training is most effective when you alternate hard workouts with easier workouts or days off.

I had lunch yesterday with a friend who reminded me of the pleasure of living in the moment. He said “if the goal is the mountain top, you just have to forget about it and do the climb.” The regular workouts are the climb. Make sure you find some pleasure in them. Remind yourself each day of your good fortune to have the ability, time and skill to ride your bike. Look for beauty in nature. Take pictures, write about your rides. Enjoy the climb – eventually you’ll get to the mountain top.

Next up in this series: Safety

Congratulations on taking on your first Century ride! Maria Parker, world record-holding cyclist and Cruzbike CEO, put together this 12 week training guide and blog series to help you successfully complete your first century ride. Share your progress with the Cruzbike Community @CRUZBIKE on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We’ll cheer you on through your first 100 mile ride.

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