Why I ride

July 29, 2009/ Maria Parker

I read in this morning’s paper that 10% of the US Health Care Costs are for obesity. According to the AP report, the US government spends $1400 more per year on an obese person than on a person of normal weight. I was surprised that it was that low.

I am not obese, but I easily could be. I love food. I use food the way my husband uses sex: for fun, for comfort, to celebrate, when I’m sad, when I’m happy, when I’m bored, etc. Eating just makes me feel good. Without a regular committment to exercise I would be costing our government a pretty penny.

According to this wonderful calorie counter I burned between 1000 and 1400 calories on my 90 minute ride this morning. That covers the bagel with tuna, and chips I had for lunch and the icecream I indulged in later.

Bicycling is wonderful exercise, it’s easy on the knees, no jostling, and when I ride my recumbent Cruzbike, I get to enjoy the views. On my daily rides I have watched the corn in the fields grow from no higher than my ankle to way over my head. It’s about ready to harvest…..mmm corn on the cob! Happy Cruzing.

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