Photo courtesy of Jen Magnus Photo Credit: Jen Magnuson Photography


Top Three Rides: Blue Ridge Parkway, Virgilina VA Round Trip, any local group ride that includes a stop for blueberry muffins

How I chose Cruzbike: In 2014, after several years of USA Cycling time trial events, a serious crash (and injuries) while training for Race Across America restricted my neck's range of motion and I could no longer ride regular bikes. In early 2016, I saw a video of a recumbent climbing in the French Alps and further online searches found Cruzbike. The engineering and mechanics make so much sense! I started learning on a Sofrider and once I figured out how to find the balance, I was fully hooked. I upgraded to a Silvio 3.0 in 2017 and entered my first endurance race in August of that year.

Tell us something interesting about yourself: In 2019, I realized great success in my racing, winning both the 12 Hour Time Trial Recumbent National Championship and the 12 Hour Time Trial Recumbent World Championship (in which I covered 182 miles). Read Jeffrey's race report from the 6-12-24 Hour World Time Trial Championships in Borrego Springs, CA here.

Off the bike, I continue to be active in advocating reforms to adapt the rule of law to digital technology innovation. Most recently, just 3 days for leaving for the World Championship, I testified for the first time before the United States Senate Committee on Banking.

Describe your Cruzbike Lifestyle: I have made several upgrades to my Silvio to maximize its performance for speed and distance. I usually train on a daily basis, and when the weather is unpleasant, you will find me on my indoor Kickr riding on Zwift (I was one of the earliest Beta users!). Outdoor rides are frequently with our local bike club, the Carolina Tarwheels, where my bike continues to gain interest and attention!

Genuine Cruzbike Moment: There is a moment as I roll away into the beginning of a long ride when each foot clips into the pedals, as I settle back onto my headrest, when I celebrate being alive, being on a bicycle, riding strong and capable--every time that is my Cruzbike moment!