Fastest Road Bike Guarantee

Whatever road bike you ride now, you will be faster on a V20c. Guaranteed.

Welcome to the My Fastest Road Bike Guarantee program.

How it works:

Benchmark your current fastest bike on a public road circuit, any distance from 15 to 150 miles. Elevation change? Absolutely! Climb, climb, climb.

Purchase a new V20c here or from one of our dealers.

Enroll in the the "My Fastest Bike (MFB) Guarantee" program by filling out this form.

Have fun and get to know your V20c for a full year. Enjoy training longer and racing faster.

Between 12-months and 16-months after your purchase, benchmark the V20c on your designated road circuit. Send an email to within that 4-month time-frame with your results.

If you aren't faster on the V20c than your old bike, we will refund the purchase price of the V20c frameset and, if you live in the continental US, we will even pay for the return shipping

What kind of bike could your old "fastest" bike be?

It could be a $15,000 Time Trial bike or just about anything except a faired bike (i.e. a streamliner). The V20c is a practical road bike that climbs better than any other recumbent and has better aerodynamic qualities than any other standard bike. It's the best of both worlds. This comfortable speed machine is waiting for you. Join the rebellion. Be faster next year or get your money back.