Report: Seven Cruzbike Racers Deliver at Mid-Atlantic 12/24 Scorcher

August 29, 2017/ Maria Parker

“It was the kind of day where you needed the air conditioner in your car even at 6am.” – Larry Oslund

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I felt like a proud Momma when Jim and I pulled into the start area of the Mid-Atlantic 12/24 and saw five Cruzbike racers ready to ride. I barely had time to greet Jeffrey Ritter, Lanier Meeks, Ken Holzhausen and Doug Kline before the 12 hour race got started. Larry Oslund joined Jim and me in the 100 Mile National Championship starting ½ hour later. Each racer proved themselves and made the community proud under what turned out to be incredibly hot and humid conditions. I’m so impressed! Thank you for representing the Cruzbike Community with courage, stamina and skill.

“I did NOT expect to win this race.” -Jim Parker

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He’s my husband, but Jim Parker continues to impress me with his athletic performances – his 100 mile National Championship victory with lots of help from Larry Oslund was decisive. Larry, despite painful, paralyzing leg cramps in the last 2 laps, kept coming back for more and came in 3rd despite having to recoup losses sustained during his cramps. There was just a few women in the 100 mile race, but I managed with the help of my “magic carpet” the V20 to win it despite taking a long break during the hottest part of the race.

ABOVE: Notice Larry screaming out in pain. Awesome shot captured by Lisa Holzhausen.

“I made the command decision, go for it!” – Lanier Meeks

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“After a rest I got back on the bike and mustered another lap.” – Ken Holzhausen

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Ultra-endurance Cycling is all about making a bunch of decisions like the the ones Lanier and Ken illustrate above. To even enter a 12 hour takes courage and determination. We’re so proud of Doug Kline who rode to a PR and win in his age group for the 12 hour and of Jeffrey Ritter who made his first foray into endurance racing, and one of his first events since a near fatal accident 3 years ago.

“The good news is other than trashing my legs, there was no numb hands, no hurt back, no inability to sit any longer on the saddle, and no staring at the ground because I can’t lift my head anymore like on a DF.” – Doug Kline

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A happy, if sun burned Doug and Lanier.

Everyone did extremely well given highs well over 100 degrees. I’m particularly grateful for the way everyone supported one another both racers and crew. I’m always aware of the un-sung crew who sit in boredom and heat interrupted by 10 seconds of excitement every hour or so. And this is a great time to thank Lisa Holzhausen who took most of the photos in this post in addition to being an amazing support crew.

“I am thrilled with the experience–not as a racer perhaps, though I am very pleased with how I performed, but as a new member of the Cruzbike racing community.” – Jeffrey Ritter

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“What a fun journey I have been on –meeting and making all these friends who are just as crazy as I am!” – Larry Oslund

Aren’t we fortunate to have each other!

John “the Penguin” Bigham said The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.” Thanks for having the courage to start gentleman. You inspire us and we are so grateful for you.

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