We’ve answered our top ten most frequently asked questions here but we’re also happy to talk with you by phone (888-225-2789) or
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  • 1. Where can I try a Cruzbike?

    This is our number one most frequently asked question. In 2016, one of our key initiatives is to break down barriers to trying Cruzbike. If you're interested in riding a Cruzbike, fill out our Schedule a Ride form and we'll get in touch.

    We also have a few Cruzbike Dealers and Experts in the US and around the world. We’re very picky about our Dealers and Experts. Those you’ll find listed here are Dealers and Experts who understand what makes our products exceptional and communicate that effectively. We value them greatly and trust that they will add value to your Cruzbike experience.

  • 2. Are Cruzbikes hard to ride?

    As you’ve no doubt discovered in your research, there’s a learning curve to Cruzbike. But it’s not difficult. Most people pick it up quickly and then get very comfortable over time. Like any new skill it just takes a willingness to learn and a bit of practice. To get comfortable quickly, work through the set of skills we’ve put together on our Learn to Ride page. This approach is supported by the collective experience of hundreds of Cruzbike cyclists and years of teaching. Credit and a very special thank you goes to Bob Pankratz for developing and posting these on our Forum. They work. Follow them as suggested and you’ll be reveling in the freedom and speed you can achieve on your Cruzbike in no time.

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  • 3. Is it comfortable?

    We actually get this question a lot when we’re riding with traditional cyclists. The answer is a resounding, YES! Riding a Cruzbike is incredibly comfortable. Our bicycles have been designed for the human form, to maximize comfort and efficiency.

  • 4. Will I be seen in traffic/ Is it safe?

    The Cruzbike was designed to place the rider eye-to-eye with car drivers, maximizing visibility. We moved the center-of-gravity slightly lower than on a standard bike to make the Cruzbike more stable in a sudden stop or turn. Sometimes the best safety move is to simply plant your feet on the ground. On a Cruzbike, it is very easy and quick to get your feet from the pedals to the ground because you are not perched up high on a saddle. Learn more about how Cruzbikes compare to traditional bicycles in health and safety on our Health page.

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  • 5. Will this relieve the back/wrist/neck/bottom pain I experience when I ride a traditional bicycle?

    YES! Bicycle riding is an outstanding low-impact form of exercise with proven cardiovascular benefits. Unfortunately, many, many people give up bicycle riding because of annoying aches and pains in the neck, shoulders, wrists, back, and rear-end. A study published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine found that 85% of recreational riders had some form of musculoskeletal pain. 49% reported neck pain and 30% reported back pain.

    Cruzbikes have allowed many people with back, neck, shoulder, or other problems to renew their love of bicycling. But riding any bike requires a minimum of skill and strength. Here is a rule-of-thumb that applies to most people with an injury/disability: if you can ride a regular bike with pain, you can most likely ride a Cruzbike without pain. However, if your disability prevents you from riding a regular bike for even a few minutes, then you may want to consider alternatives such as trikes or handcycles.

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  • 6. Does it climb well?

    Yes. We like this question because we get to talk about Cruzbike’s core technology - dynamic boom front wheel drive (DB-FWD). The advantage of DB-FWD is the linkage of the upper and lower body across the drivetrain as it rotates around the axis of the head tube. This linkage allows you to boost power when climbing or sprinting by engaging the upper body in much the same way professional cyclists do when they climb or sprint on standard road bikes. Hill-climbing requires good cardiovascular fitness. The more you practice, the better and faster you can climb hills on a Cruzbike. We are the only recumbent bike that can climb fast.

  • 7. Will I be faster riding a Cruzbike than I am on my traditional bicycle?

    Based on our own experience and reports from hundreds of Cruzbike riders, the answer is a resounding YES. Cruzbike owners tell us all the time that they ride not only more comfortably, but faster, than they did on their previous bikes. Cruzbikes are incredibly efficient machines. The dynamic boom front wheel drive system we mentioned above will contribute to your speed as well. We’d love to tell you more about that core technology as well as show off some of our records on the Performance page.

  • 8. What height range do Cruzbikes fit?

    Generally speaking, a Cruzbike will work for anyone between about 5 feet, one inch and six feet, seven inches tall. The measurement we ask for when assessing height fit is the x-seam. Head on over to our Bike Fit page to learn more.

  • 9. Which Cruzbike is right for me?

    Let’s talk about your lifestyle! Our bikes are made for running errands around town, for weekend warriors, commuters, tourers, randonneurs, record-setters and those who just want to take back the joy of cycling. Our core models are below - pick the one that fits your bicycle lifestyle best or give us a call and we’ll talk you through each model.

    QX100: The QX100 This is our cushiest ride (it has beefy rear suspension) and it comes with an awesome panoramic view of the road. Plus it climbs. And it hauls. It's basically just waiting for you to pick a road and go.

    SILVIO S30: The ultimate fast touring bike, the Cruzbike Silvio S30 is for the cyclist who wants it all: speed, style, comfort, and high-end road bike components. Its light hydroformed aluminum main frame, high end component set and dual suspension make it our best- selling bike.

    VENDETTA V20: The ultimate in speed and ergonomics on two wheels, the Cruzbike V20 is for the cyclist who wants the ultimate performance machine. This multiple record holding bike will enable you to top your fastest speeds in style. Overall, the V20 is the fastest unfaired bicycle on the market.

  • 10. After I place my order, how long will it be until my Cruzbike ships?

    We ship orders within one business day. All bicycles are in stock unless noted otherwise.

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