Adventure. Comfort. Performance.

Choose all three.

Discomfort no longer gets a say in your plans. Map out your next tour knowing you will enjoy every mile. Even on day five. Or on day fifty. No more wrist shaking, neck pain or chamois cream. Cruzbike's patented dynamic boom front wheel drive powertrain takes the best of traditional road bike technology, and with a simple shift, makes it ridiculously comfortable and fun. It also happens to be very fast.

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The Cruzbike Lineup

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From our inbox:

Today I ticked over 1,000 miles since unpacking and assembling my Cruzbike Q45. My compliments to the entire Cruzbike team. you've built a quality machine...People who are on the fence about buying a Cruzbike need to hear what a quality machine it is. I don't consider it a bike. It's so well crafted it's a machine."

Kyle R.

I really love the bike!  It really is just pure fun and the riding position is ideal for seeing the world... I have a route that I take my hard tail traditional bike on that has asphalt, gravel, dirt, hills (such as there are in Chicago) and slanted terrain, and the Q45 with those tires just glides right over it all.  The amount of control, even on unstable surfaces, rivals that of my mountain bike..."

David J.