Introducing our newest recumbent bike in the Cruzbike lineup: the S40. This is a versatile road bike with a more upright backrest angle than both our our record-setting V20 and its predecessor, the S30. It is equally at home in the flat lands and in the mountains. The S40 uses the same power train as the V20, except we have widened the fork crown to accept larger tires. Configure the S40 as a fast road bike, an adventure/endurance bike, a sleek and sophisticated tourer or the ultimate commuter.

Buying Options

US customers may order the S40 complete as featured. The complete option includes all main components installed in the frame, pre-fit to your measurements. The installation includes shifters, brakes, main cable housing and grip tape. The drive wheel includes the cassette pre-installed. The S40 may also be purchased as a frameset for $2299.

Custom Fitting

We’ll build your complete S40 to your measurements. Once you’ve placed your order, head on over to the Bike Fit page and send in your measurements. We’ll send you an email to remind you after your purchase.


We’re here to help. Send us an email at or call us at 888-225-2789. Sometimes we’re not immediately available by phone, but if you leave a message, we will return your call.




The S40 is built for adventure. You can load it up with under seat and rear racks and panniers for bike packing adventures on the open road.


Choose bright bold orange, green or blue graphics accent colors on the S40's slate frame or opt for classic light gray accent.


Works with a wide variety of component sets and riding styles:
-Configure the S40 as a fast road bike with high end components and skinny 700 C tires.
-Or as an adventure/endurance bike with fatter tires and wide range gearing that will handle any road, even if it's not really a road,
-Or as a sleek and sophisticated tourer carrying everything you need for days on the road
-Or customize it with exactly what you need to be your ultimate commuter.


The adjustable front boom is stiff and light, allowing for customized positioning of feet and handlebars.


The S40’s mainframe is a light, strong and beautifully curved hydroformed (HF) aluminum tube. The hydroforming process delivers a frame that has a high stiffness to weight ratio. The result is a stiff frame that is very smooth on the road.


The S40’s seat is made of lightweight carbon fiber and fits the frame contour delivering maximum power transfer efficiency. The position of the seat extension can be adjusted for comfort. The recline angle is 40 degrees


The included headrest is fully compatible with all V20 headrest accessories make. Some riders may also prefer the neck support for endurance rides.

Performance road recumbent bike - S40 by Cruzbike


Cruzbike combines the best features of traditional frame road bikes with the aerodynamics and comfort of fixed boom recumbent bikes. This technology puts performance and ergonomics in the same bicycle. The core of the drive system is Cruzbike's unique dynamic Boom Front Wheel Drive. The advantage of Dynamic Boom Front Wheel Drive is the linkage of the upper and lower body across the drivetrain as it rotates around the axis of the head tube.

This linkage allows you to boost power when climbing or sprinting by engaging the upper body in much the same way as standard diamond frame riders do when they climb or sprint. Every other production recumbent bicycle in the world has a fixed-boom. Cruzbike has learned through many years of research the best implementation of Dynamic Boom Front Wheel Drive technology.


  • Frame:S40 hydroformed aluminum frame with internal rear brake cabling
  • Cranks:SRAM Apex Crankset (165 mm)
  • Shifters:SRAM Apex
  • Cassette:11-36
  • Front Derailleur:SRAM Apex
  • Rear Derailleur:SRAM GX Long Cage
  • Brakes: TRP Spyre with 160 mm rotors
  • Wheels:Velocity 700c 36 spoke deep rim
  • Tires:700x32c
  • Handlebar:Re-designed Cruzbike handlebars are lighter and provide a wider grip for better control and faster climbing. The bars also have more swept-out space for knee clearance.
  • Seat:Custom integrated carbon fiber seat with adjustable seat extension.
  • Note:Components of equal value may be substituted. Subject to component availability.


X-seam range: 35 inches to 48 inches (about 5'2" to 6'5" body height).


The weight of a fully-built S40 will range from about 24 lbs to 30 lbs depending on component, wheel and tire choices.

  • S40 Complete with our component set above:28 lbs
  • Main Frame:4.5 lbs


Wheelbase 1130.3 44.5 in
Chainstay length - standard 483 mm 19.0 in
Rake (front fork offset) 30 mm 1.2 in
Head tube angle (steering axis) 71 degrees
Trail 91.44 mm 3.6 in
Backrest angle 40 degrees
Length of Bike (varies by adjustment and chainstay length)
Seat Height (low point) 521.2mm 24 in
BB Height (varies by adjustment and chainstay length)


The complete option includes all main components installed in the frame, including shifters, brakes, main cable housing and grip tape. The drive wheel includes the cassette pre-installed. Required assembly can be accomplished at home and only takes about 30-45 minutes and you are on the road!

You'll clip the rear derraileur into place, attach the wheels, slide the headrest into place, bolt on the seat, adjust and tighten the boom and slider to your specific provided fit, and attach the handlebars. The tools required to finish assembly (3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm allen, and 8 mm wrench) are included in the box in a small kit you can carry with you during your rides later.

We recommend that if you have any questions about the final tuning of your bicycle, you take it to your local bike mechanic.

The Complete S40 ships via FedEx in a box specially designed for this bike.


S40 Easy Reacher Under Seat Rack by TerraCycle

A very cool custom-designed under seat rack for the Cruzbike S40. This will take a set of panniers or allow attaching batteries or other cargo in an ideal low and center position.

Axiom Journey - Rear Rack

Make your S40 into the ultimate utility machine with the Axiom Journey rear rack.

Axiom Cartier Panniers (Set of 2)

Functional and durable cargo solution for commuting or tackling the day's errands in style. Easy clip on and off. Capacity: 24.7 L. Plus: lined canopy and back plate to protect gear and 3M reflective strips.

Carbon Fiber Race Case

It's wind tunnel and race-tested. Any storage container that makes you and your bike MORE aerodynamic is worth its weight in... carbon fiber.

The Carbon Fiber Race Case is designed to be beautiful, aero, and practical. It ships with all parts needed to run it with two easily reachable bottles or with a bladder (up to two liters, plus enough room for your tube change kit) and it's quick and easy to install. The rear of the case includes a utility pole for affixing your rear light.

Ventisit for V20 or S40

The Ventisit seat pad has an open structure with a layer of air between you and the seat, nearly eliminating a sweaty back. It is 3 oz, (85 grams) lighter than the standard Cruzbike cushion and provides noticeable suspension, but it's not too soft. The material does not absorb moisture and you only need to shake it after a rain shower. It is shaped to fit the unique Cruzbike carbon fiber seat. The Ventisit does not damage clothing, but can feel a little rough on bare skin. Ventisit pad fits the Silvio 2.0, Vendetta, S30, S40 and V20.

Suspension Adjustable Headrest

Finding a good fit for your head is crucial for a comfortable ride. This adjustable headrest is designed to add more options for finding a good fit as an alternate to the stock headrest. The clamps onto the stock tubes and can be adjusted for height and distance to the rider. It also adds suspension for a little extra comfort.

Scarab Bag for V20, S30 and S40

Lightweight,weather resistant, high volume carry all designed for the Cruzbike V and S. This bag fits underneath the seat and wraps the frame for an ideal weight placement. The Scarab takes less than a minute to install. Easily fits your tools, a change of clothes plus a small laptop or your tablet for a commute or longer ride. Its placement does not distract from the aerodynamics and even when loaded does not affect the handling.

Curved Slider for V20, S30 or S40

The curved slider is designed to lower the handlebars for better visibility, or to raise the handlebars for more clearance by 40mm up or down. It is a direct replacement for the current model S40, S30 (White), and Black/Hand Painted V20, and Red V20 only. This slider also features bottle cage mounts, just like the stock slider.

Sling Pack

The Cruzbike Sling Pack works perfectly to carry your tools and tubes, a cell phone, a small air pump, snacks, keys and even a light jacket or arm warmers. It is water resistant with zippered pockets inside to keep small items from rolling around.

Cruzbike Bottle Cage

Light weight, anodized alloy side and top-pull cage that works for either left or right. It weighs only 47 grams. Pick up two for each of your Cruzbikes.

Headrest Cage Mount Kit

This twin bottle cage kit is a modification of an existing performance cage kit made for traditional frame bicycles. It has been modified for the Vendetta and Silvio headrest by one of our customers. It holds two bottle cages in an aerodynamic, easy-to-reach position behind the V or S headrest.

Utility Post Add-on for Cage Mount Kit

Mount your rear light, camera, or other lightweight accessories.

Light Mount Kit

This light mount clamps to the lower cross bar on the S40's front fork.

B&M Cyclestar Mirror

A versatile, lightweight mirror that mounts with no tools required. Universal mounting. This mirror works with all our bicycles.

TiGr Mini Lock

TiGr Locks are secure, simple, lightweight, easy to use, easy on the eyes and hand crafted in the USA. This lock is simply the best lock we've found for use with all Cruzbike models.

The S40 frameset includes the main frame with integrated, adjustable seat, seat cushions, headrest, front triangle, and custom handlebars. Choose light gray, green, blue or orange accent graphics when you add the S40 frame set to your cart. Assemble the frameset or have your local bike shop assemble it using our detailed drawings and instructions, downloadable from the S40 Resources on this page. This option is for our international customers and for those who prefer to source and purchase their own components.

Cruzbike S40 performance recumbent bike



Add racks, panniers, lights, bottle cages and more. Robert Holler walks through some of the sweet ways you can accesorize your Cruzbike S40.


Robert walks through thes steps for getting rolling on your Complete S40. The complete option includes all main components installed in the frame, including shifters, brakes, main cable housing and grip tape. The drive wheel includes the cassette pre-installed. Required assembly can be accomplished at home and only takes about 30-45 minutes!


Robert walks through the steps to assemble an S40 Frame Set.


Guidelines for getting a great initial fit on your Cruzbike S40.

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