Cruzbike V20c Frameset - Warehouse Clearance
Cruzbike V20c Frameset - Warehouse Clearance
Cruzbike V20c Frameset - Warehouse Clearance

Cruzbike V20c Frameset - Warehouse Clearance

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Climb mountains, carve corners and smash records on the fastest recumbent bicycle ever. The Vendetta V20c is our flagship model.

Years of racing, research and development have brought us to the perfect carbon fiber-aluminum concept. The V20c is our lightest, stiffest, smoothest, fastest Vendetta ever, joining a carbon fiber front end with an aerospace-grade aluminum alloy frame.

The proof that this is indeed the fastest recumbent bike is in the records set and held by Cruzbike Vendetta racers. Make no mistake, this bike will make you faster. In fact, we guarantee it.

This V20c Frameset is open box and may have minor cosmetic imperfections.

Cruzbike V20c Specs and Fit

Front Triangle

Our patented front triangle design is formed by the fork, chainstay, boom and slider. It is a compact tetrahedron that links the upper and lower body across the drivetrain as it rotates around the axis of the head tube. This linkage allows you to boost power when climbing or sprinting by engaging the upper body. It also means you'll run a standard length chain and have access to the cutting edge in performance component technology.

The new V20c boom utilizes a T47 85mm wide BB shell and an aero profile tube for the greatest blend of aerodynamics and stiffness possible. This shell capitalizes on stiffness where it matters most - right where your wattage is being generated.

This larger diameter shell is matched to the new chainstay, which is light, aero in profile and stiff laterally. It uses a broad new clamp design at the boom to maximize stiffness at the BB and chainstay interface.

The chainstay leads down to our new carbon fiber fork, which is light without being flimsy and utilizes an oversize tapered steerer with wider bearings for increased strength at the crown.

A 12mm through axle connects the wheel, fork, and stay together as a solid unit. The result is a strong and unparalleled power connection from the crank to the cassette with nearly zero deflection. The flat mount disc brakes are tucked in behind the blades for maximum aero. No other recumbent can claim a transmission with this little power loss, where deflections in booms, frames, and stays are all too common.

Tying the fork and boom together is our new slider, which uses a new internal connection as opposed to a boom clamp. The precisely designed pivot clamp is designed to spread the clamping forces on the slider tube and fork steerer without damage, slipping, or deflection under the types of torsional forces a Cruzbike front end can be subjected to. The fork portion of the pivot clamp replaces the headset top cap to reduce the number of pieces needed to set bearing tension.

All of these ingredients come together for the best power transfer possible with zero flex - while still feeling silky smooth. The ideal blend.

Add some clean internal cable routing in the fork for the front brake and derailleur, and in the boom/slider for the front derailleur and you have the cleanest, smoothest, most gorgeous Cruzbike front end to date.


    The V20c recumbent road bike’s lightweight aerospace-grade aluminum alloy frame smooths the road, slicing through the air so you can focus on putting every watt of power into the record-smashing top speeds this bike is made to achieve.

    The V20c headtube is now tapered with wider bearings to accommodate the new fork, and the geometry just slightly tweaked from its V20 predecessor for even smoother handling.

    The main connection of the rear lower stays at the hydroformed tube now weld into a CNC machined yoke. The result is an increased torsional stiffness - an important thing on the twisty downhills especially for heavier riders - and has cleaned up the welds at that joint significantly while also being lighter.

    The rear dropouts have been completely redesigned to accommodate a 12mm through axle which threads into a replaceable lightweight cap and accommodates standard flat mount disc brakes. They are CNC machined specifically to create the perfect blend of light weight, stiffness, and precision.

      Seat-to-Frame-to-Drive Connection

      The V20c's carbon fiber seat fits the curve of the frame so that no watt is wasted. As you press your back into the frame, you engage your whole body through the handlebar and cranks. Energy surges through the drive system and powers the bike forward, leaping up hills or accelerating into a sprint.

      Compatibility Notes

      BB shell: English Thread T47 
      Front derailleur: Braze-on mount
      Brakes: Flat Mount Disc Only

      Rear dropout: 100 mm
      Front dropout: 142 mm.
      Our front through axle is longer than a standard through axle for a 142 mm dropout because it has to accommodate the width of the fork and front chainstay. 


      Main Frame: 1.6 kg ( 3.7lbs)
      Complete: Complete weight varies depending upon component choice.

      Vendetta V20c Geometry

      Wheelbase 1149 mm 45.3 in
      Chainstay length - standard 496.9mm 19.6 in
      Backrest angle 20 degrees
      Length of Bike (varies by adjustment and chainstay length) 1803 - 2032 mm 71 - 80 in
      Seat Height (low point) 521.2mm 20.5 in
      BB Height (varies by adjustment and chainstay length) 584 - 846mm 23 - 34 in


      The V20c fits riders with an X-seam between 35 inches and 48 inches (about 5'2" to 6'5" body height). This article includes a helpful fitment chart. Check out our blog post on how to measure x-seam here. If you are at either end of the fit range and have questions, contact us at We'd love to get you fit.